Frequently Asked Questions

Can I plant the basil?

While our basil is grown for direct culinary use and isn't intended to be replanted, it is sometimes possible to plant the basil in soil and keep it longer. For the best chance of success, remove some of the leaves and plant in loose soil. Find a bright, warm area, out of direct sunlight to place the plant. Keep the soil moist for a few days to give the plant a chance to get used to the new environment.

I can't use all the basil right away. How do I keep it fresh for longer?

The best way to store the basil for later use is at room temperature out of direct sunlight. We suggest removing the plant from the packaging and placing it into a container with just enough water to cover the roots. The basil plant is very sensitive to cold temperatures. As such, it cannot be refrigerated. Basil that has been too cold will develop black or dark spots on the leaves and will wilt and die very quickly.

We also recommend that you remove the plant from the sleeve and place it in a glass container with just enough water to cover the roots. (Too much water will cause the stems to rot.) If you'd like, you can also put in a drop or two of food grade 3% hydrogen peroxide (the type often found in the brown bottles in the pharmacy). This will help provide the plant with oxygen. Alternatively, changing the water often will help keep the plant fresh.

Just basil?

We aim to grow the best, most flavorful, highest quality basils on the market. For that reason, we specialize in herbs with a strong emphasis on traditional Italian basil. We do also grow other basil varieties such as lemon basil, Thai basil, as well as small quantities of other herbs for chefs and specialty stores.

Where can I find your products?

We provide herbs for grocery stores and restaurants all over the northeast and mid-Atlantic United States, including such household names as Tops, Wegmans, Whole Foods, and Giant. You can find more information along with specific stores where you can buy here.

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